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The object of the game is to knock the"King"overbefore the opposing team does.

Teams must use wooden tossing dowels to successively knock overthe opponents Kubbs.

After all of the opposing team's Kubbs have been eliminated,theteam can then attempt to knock down the King and winthe game.

Easy to learn but challenging to master, and it offers a great time for friends and family. Great for backyard parties, camping, beach and more.

Kubb Yard Game is a classic Swedish/Finnish tossing lawn game, it offers a great time for family reunions, birthday parties, or any outdoor event for hours of fun, the set provides years of fun on the lawn, sand, or even snow!

All the pieces of the Kubb Lawn Game are made of heavy-duty pine wood that is virtually chip-proof and unbreakable. This means they can withstand lots of wear-and-tear and unfavorable weather.        

The Classic Kubb Tossing Game is a challenging and interesting Outdoor Game for Teenagers, Adults, the aged, the old people. It is typically played on grass, but the Kubb Set could also be played on Sand, Beach, Dirt, Snow. Perfect for Lawn, Camping Trips, Beach, BBQs, Family Reunions, Tailgating, Holiday Weekends, Backyard, Traveling, Friend’s Parties and so on.

Production Information

Product Name : Kubb Game Set 21-Piece Yard Toss Fun – The Viking Lawn Game

Material: Playing pieces are made of solid pine wood; Weatherproof construction for indoor and outdoor use

Include: Kubb Set include everything you need to play: 1 king, 10 kubbs blocks, 6 batons, 4 boundary sticks, So the only thing you need is having fun.

Packing: kraft  box can be re-used for storage when game is not in use

 This is an excellent outdoor lawn game, very easy to learn and very interesting!

To enjoy winter Olympic sport, let us go curling !

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