SSL001 French Boules Set | 6 Piece Boules Set

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French boules was born in La Ciotat , a town in the south of France. Anytime is a good time for boules! It doesn’t take much to play boules. You bring the grass, sand, asphalt, or just about any flat surface, and we’ll bring the balls! Boules is a mix of bowling, croquet, and Shuffleboard for 2-8 players of all ages. Score points by tossing your ball closest to the small target ball, or jack. But watch out, the other team may try to knock away your ball, or even knock away the jack! Ready to play yet why you’ll love it: boules have a long history and a low barrier of entry, which makes it a great choice for players of all ages. It requires minimal skill, and really can be played just about anywhere. And once a game gets going, the simple rule set that encourages ball contact means games get competitive quick!

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Product Name : 6 Piece French Boules Set

The Bocce Set includes:

6 x Chrome plated iron bocce balls, each with approx. 690g, diameter approx. 72mm

1 x Cork jack( wooden target ball) diameter approx. 29mm

1 x Measuring tool

1 x carry bagCHROME PLATED BOULES BALLS - The set of six chrome plated iron boules balls offer tremendous control in the battle to win positioning. The robust iron boules balls are designed for use on all surfaces and manufactured from corrosion resistant iron.

● CORK JACK - The cork jack, or target ball, is manufactured from a super durable cork offering excellent durability to allow for regular use of the bocce ball set. Jacks game with ball comes with a measuring tool provided.

● MEASURING TOOL - The measuring tool ensures that the distance between the boules balls and the jack/target ball is always measured consistently, so this outdoor game can be played fairly. This completes the luxury boule set.

● CARRY BAG - The useful Oxford canvas carry case means you can transport the boules set, which included 6 metal balls, a target ball and measuring tool, from the backyard at home to the beach on holiday with ease.

Boules set regulation size is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to be outdoors and loves games! Whatever age, this set makes a cool gift!



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