SSL003 Wooden Throwing Game Set, Number Block Tossing Game

Short Description:

The wooden throwing lawn game originates from Finland in 1996. Wooden Throwing Game is an exciting Finnish throwing game that is quickly gaining popularity in the US. It’s great game and lots of family fun. The game can be played on a variety of surfaces such as grass, sand, and it will be a HIT at your family BBQ, beach party, or any other get together. All you need is an outdoor space, a few friends, and a wooden throwing game set, so invite all of your friends to play. It makes a perfect outdoor gift for anyone.

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How to Play:

Players earn points by tossing the throwing pin. If a player knocks down more than 1 pin, their score for that turn is the number of pins they knocked down (4 pins = 4 points). The pins are round and roll after they are knocked down. Each turn the pins are put back up exactly where they rolled from the previous turn, so the entire playing area starts to spread out. If a player can skillfully knock down just one pin, their score for that turns equals the number on the top of the pin (knock down the #12 pin = 12 points).

Winning the Game:

The first player to knock down exactly 50 points wins the game, but be careful not to go over 50 points, or you will go back to 25 points Requires two or more players. Recommended age:  6+. 

Production Information


Product Name: Wooden Tossing Game Set

The set includes:

Wooden numbered skittle*12

Throwing pin*1

Cotton bag*1, helps you to easily store each game piece while not in use.

Material: hand-crafted from durable pine wood for long-lasting use.

Package dimension: 23*16*18cm

Individual Skittle: 15*5cm. Throwing pin: 23*5CM

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