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Drop in for a game, the wild and crazy drinking game from Fairly Odd Novelties! This is the definitive and hilarious revamp of an old TV game classic, now a staple of your next night in! With six shot glasses, up to six players, and gameplay that’s loaded with luck and a tiny bit of skill, this game goes way beyond your average drinking game of cards or dice.

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To play, just place your colored shot glass at the bottom of the board, and grab you token. Then, take turns dropping your tokens through the board, and whoever's lettered spot they land on is the drinker! It's super fun, fast, funny, and simple to play! To top it all off, this set comes complete with six shot glasses, colored chips, and a durable acrylic-covered board that’s ready for all kinds of action at all kinds of parties! Whether you just want a relaxing evening with friends. This game is perfect for gift-giving as well; its full color box will bring delight to any birthday, white elephant, office, Christmas, or college party. Anybody could win, and everybody will as long as you order yours now, and get the game that is destined to become a party classic! Each shot glass is made of glass and holds 1 US fluid ounce. Set includes six shot glasses and six colored chips. Each chip color matches the color printed on a glass which gives several different play options. 


Products Introduction

Product Name: bar game drop it and drinking game with 6 cups table casino for adults

Category: Drinking Game

Material: PP,Glass

Age Group: Adult

Specification:   1 board game,6 shot glasses,6 colored chips and 5 glass dividers.

Color: Mlulticolor

Big Board Size: 28*7*25.50cm

Product Weight: 690g

Glass Cup Size: 4.20*3.20*6.20cm/50g/50ml

Chip Diameter: 2.30cm

Small Size: 27.80*6.70*25.30cm

Product Weight: 500g

Glass Cup Size: 3.7*3*4.80cm/30g/30ml

Chip Diameter: 2.30cm

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