SSDT003 Magnetic Dart Board Game

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This new take on the classic pointed dart game is a hit wherever you take it. Everybody knows darts and people are always drawn to throw at least a few. Whether you want to gift it to somebody or put it up in your house we're sure it will be a popular item. With these magnetic dart tips, you don't need to worry about kids getting hurt or scratching up your walls, it's safe for everyone and everything.

There is nothing more annoying than tossing a magnet and it not sticking to the board, or it sliding down the board as it lands, it just doesn’t have the same feel as pointed darts. We understand that quality is virtually everything when it comes to our products and we’ve made sure that we have the top of the line magnets that stick where you hit them every single time.

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Product Name : Magnetic Dart Board Game

Dimensions: 37cm Magnetic Dartboard, Set of 8 safe magnetic darts, 4 red and 4 yellow darts and 1 magnetic dart board with a keyhole slot on the back to make hanging and mounting easy wherever you want to play

Packing :Comes in a nicely designed cardboard box, ideal for gift wrapping for Christmas and birthday toy gifts for kids. Toy gifts for 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 year old boy kids and up

Enjoy time with friends or family and compete one on one or have multiple players at once. The packaging includes a variety of ways to play allowing you to hone your craft in any area you desire. Makes for great gift wrapping!

To enjoy winter Olympic sport, let us go curling !

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