SSC007 3 Games in 1 Shuffleboard, Curling and Bowling

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3 Games in 1 Shuffleboard,Curling and Bowling Game ,effortlessly  transition from one game to another! Our one side printing board game gives players thrice the game without the hassle of three different boards! Once you are tried of playing shuffleboard , easily flip the board over for some curling and bowling fun.

The whole game includes one board, 16 stones  , 10 bowling pins .

As hot selling board game, we sell them to world markets in large quantity .

Production Information

Product Name: 3 Games in 1  shuffleboard, curling and bowling .

Category:  Toy

Material:  Plastics, Steel

Age Group: 6+

Playboard size:123x43cm

Package: Gift box 

Product Features


Perfect for new and skilled players alike! The fun challenge of shuffleboard ,curling and bowling means anyone can easily pick up and play which makes it great for unplugging the kids and entertaining everyone at game night ,ideal for game night ,parties ,BBQS,and more (2-4players).


The quality craftmanship makes this shuffleboard,curling and bowling game a great gift for both of kids and adults .Plus the fun tabletop size makes it a must have for anyone’s board game collection.


Made with premium grade ABS material ,chrome –plated pucks and heavy-duty steel ball.

In addition to enjoying shuffleboard ,curling and bowling ,players will also enjoy the solid construction crafted from high quality plastics that enables smooth and realistic gameplay much better than cheap roll-out mat version.


The game is the perfect size for table top play! It is large enough for satisfactory gameplay,but samll enough for your dinning room table . Its compact size also makes it easy to take with you to any party or social gathering .

User-friendly sleek design for quick and easy set up. Does not require any tools.


The full set includes 16 mini curling stones (8blue and 8 orange pieces),10 bowling pins and 1 board.

The stones(rollers) easily glide across the surface just like real shuffleboard and curling game .

Pls try our game,just get one , you could enjoy 3 games –shuffleboard ,curling and bowling , you could play at any age, rules are easy to learn.

To enjoy winter Olympic sport, let us go curling !

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