SSC003A 2 Games in 1 Shuffleboard and Curling

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This awesome Shuffleboard and Curling Game is the perfect way to play both games at home without the cost or space commitment of a huge bar table . The game comes with 8pucks and 1 rolled up mat ,no need for ice or sand because the specially made pucks have ball bearing design that works quite well.

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Product Name: 2 Games in 1 Shuffleboard and Curling

Category: Sports

Material:Oxford cloth, Plastics , Aluminum and Steel

Age Group: 6+

Playmat Size: 23.6x157.50 inch

Cute length: 33.50 inch

Puck Dia: 1.8 inch

This game includes 1 playmat , 2 cutes , 8 pucks .

Product Features

AUTHENTIC: The puck makes an authentic swooshing and shuffling sound as it travels doun the shuffleboard mat –be careful,don’t land in the negative scoring area or let other player knock your puck right off the mat !

PORTABLE: Includes convenient carry bag for storage and transport –when player is over, just roll up the mat for storage ,take it on vocation or to friend’s home.

DURABLE: Good quality material for all parts and accessaries .

Playmat : High counts oxford cloth.

Cute/Push Rod: Top grade aluminum.

Puck: Top grade plastics of polypropylene with steel ball inside.

Shuffleboard Rules

Players take turn to sliding the pucks down the length of the board aiming for their opponent’s puck or the scoring area. The aim is to get the pucks into the highest scoring area on the board without having them fall into the gutter .Players would slide 4 pucks each .Both players shoot from the same side.

Curling Game Rules

Once all 16 rocks have been thrown down the narrow sheet of ice, the score for that end is counted based on the final positions of the stones in the house ,(the group of circles on the ice that looks like a bull eye). Only one team can score in an end . A team scores one point for every rock that it is closer to the center of the ouse than the other team.

Pls try our game, you could enjoy both of playing shuffleboard and curling , you can play at any age, the rules are easy to learn . 

To enjoy winter Olympic sport, let us go curling !

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