How to Play Floor Curling

“Curling” is the most favorite sports of ice. "Curling" can also be referred to as the "curling", originated as early as the sixteenth century Scotland, following the spread to Europe and the United States and other countries. The curling is very interesting , sport is a lot like ‘cleaning’. Because you actually use a broom to push these giant stones.”Curling also known as curling throw and skating, is a throwing competition on the ice with teams as units.It is known as “chess” on the ice. Floor curling is a modified version of the Olympic sport of curling with one major difference - no ice!

Did you know? FloorCurling is a great option for social distancing activities.  Check out our guide to find out how you can play FloorCurling


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Fig. 1: Setup

To begin floor curling, find a smooth, flat surface such as a gym floor. Place your two target mats with the house (the rings) approximately 6.25 meters (20.5 feet) apart. Each mat should be slightly offset 6.25m (20.5’) to avoid standing on the mats when delivering the stones. The distance between mats can easily be adjusted to suit your group’s preferences.

Delivery of the Stones

Stones should be delivered from floor level by hand or via the use of a Pusher Stick for participants that cannot, or prefer not to, bend to floor level.


Teams determine who has the hammer (last stone) in the opening end by a coin toss. Having the last stone is an advantage. Stones are delivered in an alternating manner. Red, blue, red, blue, or vice versa, until all eight stones are played.

Once all eight stones are played an end is complete and scoring is tabulated. A floor curling game typically consists of eight ends but this can be adjusted to suit your group.

Scoring (same as on-ice curling)

The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent.

At the completion of each end, a team scores one point for each stone that is closer to the button (the center of the rings) than the closest stone to the button of the opposing team. Only stones that are in, or touching the rings when viewed from overhead, are eligible to score. Only one team can score per end.

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Post time: Jun-15-2022